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art and

We are a multidisciplinary team that is responsible for analyzing and studying both humans and the latest technologies, to think, design and materialize new worlds and experiences.

We connect people through the game development, creating loyal and sustainable users who interact across the planet.



We specialize in perfecting the user experience to the maximum. Our team’s premise is working together and achieving the greatest simplicity and the greatest branding from gaming.

- UX

We understand the context, the need for friendly, fast entertainment that provides the user with a pleasant moment and an environment that makes them feel comfortable.

- Gamer World

In our worlds there are no limits, creativity put at the service of fun finds us constantly exploring unexplored and disruptive paths.

We are
what we do

Our team loves the world of gaming and advertising. We are obsessive users, consumers, and creators. We know that who you are is reflected in the product you create.



1./ Game Art

We think that starting from the art, design is a pleasure. We have an experienced team focused on the functional aspect and the user experience. Our team of designers work under this clear premise.


2./ Game Development

The development of the video game involves the entire multidisciplinary team, it starts from a concept that is chosen unanimously and that will be the common thread of the entire process, until reaching the appropriate final version.


3./ Game Animation

The time for the animation comes when the world is designed and created, along with its characters, this is the moment when the game comes to life. The animation has to be consistent with all the study and previous work. That is why we use animators whose experience does not end in videogames; they must also know the advertising field.


what makes us
stand out

We are experts

All of us who are apart of Infinix Gaming bring a vast experience in the field of video games development & design, marketing and advertising.


The obsession to discover and explore new technologies allows us to discover the best and most pleasant user experiences.

- We do what we like

When you do what you love, it's not work, it's pure enjoyment. Our goal is to always generate the product that we would like them to have made for us.


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